About Us

INTANGIBILITEES is an athletic sportswear company founded on the premise of promoting integrity and hard work in sports.

Our mission is to lead a national campaign to build a better athlete and person from youth sports up to the professional ranks.

Our promise is to give back to teams, schools, and projects in and around our communities in order to help support our mission. 


Conduct yourself with class both on and off your given field of play
           -Appropriate. Responsible. Intelligent
           -Treat people with respect
Don’t change your body with PEDs and other drugs
          -Choose an intense work ethic
          -Maximize your natural skills & abilities

Compete with confidence, not arrogance
           -Trust your skills
           -Humble in success; gracious in defeat
Play with endless effort within the competitive boundaries of the rules
          -Integrity counts
          -Be a leader